Since April of 2010 the art studio of KMD Pewter has been designing and creating functional art with our line of products Cuedusters, Chalk Tubs and Dezign8tors. We strive to bring quality products to the Billiard Industry and fun functionality and unique style to the pool playing enthusiast.  Cuedusters designed and has manufactured silicone rubber tops in five colors giving our customers multiple options in created a truly unique Cueduster for themselves. We have added to our line an octagonal shaped rubber top and 2 Chalk Tubs octagonal shaped chalk holders. We are building a brand name with quality products.

All Cuedusters are 100% guaranteed under normal use. To have repairs made the Cueduster product must be returned in it's entirety. Detailed instructions must accompany the returned item with contact information. Any modifications to Cuedusters' products not performed by Cuedusters.com voids the product's guarantee. Shipping to Cuedusters and back are the sole responsibility of the owner of the Cuedusters product.

You, your cue, your game - all are unique. Chalk up with the one, the only and totally unique Cuedusters.